What if,….?

Think outside the boxWhat if the gospel as you know it, is wrong?

What if Jesus did not merely provide forgiveness of sins, but actually took sin away as John the Baptist said?

What if the true gospel is better than you have been led to believe?

What if we really are free from sin, that sin is dead, and that sin is gone, as the Apostle Paul says?

What if the gospel originally preached by the Apostles, is not the gospel being preached today?

What if Jesus’ finished work really was once for all – for all sin, of all people, for all time – as the whole of scripture teaches?

What if you are not being taught the true gospel of Christ, even though you go to church every week?

What if the New Testament instructs us to not give one more conscious thought to sin?

What if all of the things you are led to believe you need to do to obtain a full Christian life are not only ‘not’ necessary, but actually a hindrance towards that end?

What if, when Jesus returns, he will not even mention sin?

What if that feeling of being distant from God is just a lie of the enemy and “can’t” be real?

What if the work of the Son actually satisfied the Father?

What if when Jesus said,”I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”; He actually meant it, for real?

What if the only way we can now sin against God would be to not believe what his Son really accomplished?

What if those doubts you have in your mind about Christianity are there for good reason?

What if the New Covenant was a promise between God and Himself into which He did not include us except as observers and beneficiaries?

Unlocking the Puzzle

What if the most important book of the Bible is one of the least studied books of the Bible?

What if there are whole books of the New Testament which detail these truths point by point making them indisputable?

What if most of the people who sit on either side of you at church do not feel satisfied in their Christian walk, and don’t know why?

What if we have a real enemy?

What if surveys show that one half of all believers say that they do not feel they have entered into the presence of God or experienced a connection with him during the past year?

What if that enemy’s main goal has been to kill, steal, and destroy the truth?

What if that nagging feeling you have every time you leave church is actually telling you something important?

What if this enemy has muted large sections of scripture and even entire books of the Bible so successfully that the truth of them has been lost to us for thousands of years?

What if the majority of the studies and interpretations (exegesis) of scripture over the last 1800+ years has been wrong?

What if our enemy were clever enough to use our own systematic theologies as the main shroud with which to cover up the true Good News of Jesus’ work?

What if surveys show that those Christians who spend the most time in or at church activities are actually the least spiritually advanced?

What if the truth of Jesus’ work really was new – a thought it had never occurred to you to have and it really was good – better than anything you could ever dream up?

What if the true gospel really is “Good News”?

What if that changed everything?