March 2013


by admin

This is the page where we will be posting our blog entries.

The topics discussed here may have a direct connection to a topic discussed on a specific TL&iB Show episode, or it may be in addition to, or completely different from the TL&iB Show topics.

Please feel free to interact and leave your comments and questions, or engage in discussion.

We feel that only through engaging and exploratory discussion will we be able to discern honest truth. At that point it is then left up to each individual person to choose to accept it or not.

Please come on in. Engage in discussion and explore with us.


TL&iB Show

by admin

We will soon be launching our TL&iB Show from this site.

This is the page where you will be able to come and listen to each new episode of the TL&iB Show from your computer, or you can subscribe for free on your mobile device through iTunes, Blackberry, Zune, PocketCasts, or Stitcher. Once you have subscribed via one of these directories, each new episode of the TL&iB Show will be delivered to your device for free. You can then choose to listen to them at your convenience.

This page of the site will also be the home for all of the show notes for each episode of the TL&iB Show.
Please feel free to interact on this page with any comments and questions or discussion points about each show.

The point of of the TL&iB Show is to offer up information for consideration and discussion in search of truth. While we have our own opinions about this information and choose to accept the truth, where ever it is found, we leave it up to each individual listener to make up their own minds as to whether or not they will choose to believe that truth or not.

Please check back soon for our first episode.